If you want to learn more about my social lens, you’re in the right place. At my social lens we help you to learn things that matter to your life & help you stay positive, informed and grow fast. My Social Lens is a blog on social issues, highlighting the fruitful thoughts of some fertile minds across the globe, touching and analyzing the subject with a different perspective.


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You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a blogger. Just look around, love your surroundings, love mingling people and love what you do. Stay positive in your lows and highs. That what makes you who you are, and you are the only 1 in the life. Respect it and say thanks to this beautiful life of yours. At my social lens we welcome everyone on our plateform, actually, it’s your plate form because we believe in you attitude. We have something for everyone. Do you want to say something go to:-

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