1 Believe In Yourself 2 Ignore Past 3 Fight Back To Move On in Life

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Believe in Yourself

You Know the 1 2 3 Life hack   . Its simple 1 believe in yourself, 2 ignore past and 3 fight back in your lows and move on in life because yesterday is gone its over its just a chapter in the book of past, ignore past forget past its not more then an experience, learning and knowledge. What ever happen its finished all you left with some pieces of memories.

Good memories and bad memories, the good memories can make you smile some times but if you start living your life with bad memories? trust me you will be starting your car in the reverse gear of life just move on in life never loose your self confidence just believe in yourself every day is a new beginning every sun rise the world became a new born just believe in yourself all you need to do is to ignore past and move on.

Yesterday Is Gone

You who are surrounded with sorrow and sinning here is a beautiful hope for you a hope for me and a hope for every one just believe in your self fight back as the book of past things has closed its over, all the required tasks are finished in what so ever way, the pains has be suffered yesterday’s mistakes let yesterday covered yesterday’s cuts which smarted and bled has been healed

With the healing which night has shed day before, now is a part of forever bounding in a sheaf which Al Mighty holds firm with good days and bad days, and sad days which shall not come our way with their impact and their blight their fullness of sunshine or sorrowful night.

Believe in yourself and let them go since we cannot relive them cannot undo and cannot atone God in His mercy receive forgive them only the new days are today is ours and today alone here are the skies all burnished brightly here is the spent earth all reborn here.

The tired limbs springing lightly to face the Sun and to share with the more and the chrism of dew daily is a fresh start, can listen to my soul to the glad refrain and spite of old sorrow and older sinning and puzzles forecasted and possible pain take hard on the day and start over once again, it’s worth it.

just believe in yourself and fight back to move on in life
Self Belief is the most important aspect of life

Fight Back

Life is the name of lows and highs, sometimes it takes you up everything coming your way just stood right on its place but sometimes it is totally opposite to that every step you move forward it takes you back to square one.

Every move you take for a good result in worse your every strategy just started to prove wrong what takes you to a depressive state of mind you lost confidence in your self and put your self deep down in the blanket of negativity and that is the moment gather what you have around believe in yourself hit hard at life and fight back with full swing.

This is the time when you need to stand up, you need to stand up to the task and regain your all energies, reprocess your thoughts, revamp your strategies, recreate your next moves, redesign your level of achievements, restart to uncover the positivity lost somewhere inside you, re frame your focus to the goal, recover all the strength which were not in use from quite some times.

Reconnect to all the people who always stand by with you in the hard times and you will see slowly but surly thing will be start turning your way, your moves will got rhythm your strategies will start paying you off.

Once you do that the every next morning will be a new world born specially made for you, all you need is to believe in yourself  just go hard stay focus and begin again to move on in life.

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