Dubai Police installed new cameras to capture motorists using mobile phones while driving in 2020.

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Public Announcement By Dubai Police

Dubai Police rolls out Smart Radar to Monitor Drivers Behavior including the use of mobile phones and sudden deviation.

In their endeavor to ensure the safety of road users across the emirates, the Dubai Police have started installing new smart devices on the emirate’s roads and highways to detect drivers’ behaviour who are not committed to driving safely.

Brigadier Saif Muheir Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police, revealed the new radar device is capable of identifying the status and behaviour of drivers on the road. “The new device, developed by Dubai Police in collaboration with a tech company, had undergone several and accurate experiments until it proved worthy of the monitoring process,” Brig. Al Mazrouei said.
He explained that the radar would contribute to controlling road security and curbing all kinds of violations on roads. “The device detects violations committed by reckless drivers including the use of handheld mobile phones, failure to abide by lane discipline, not fastening the seat belt, sudden deviation, and other traffic violations that pose danger to road users,” Brig. Al Mazrouei added.

The director of Dubai Traffic Police explained that the device would contribute to raising the level of traffic safety and achieving the strategic goals of maintaining road security and reducing traffic-related fatalities.

The new radar features artificial intelligence techniques and can be programmed to detect any violations or other wrong behaviors. It is also connected through a (4G)-enabled network to the force’s violations processing platform and radar management system (RMS).

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  1. Fiza

    That’s a great news as every passing day use of mobile phone while driving is been on increase. As its related to public safety and Dubai police is very good at that.

  2. Mansoor Khan

    No wonder the only way you can keep drivers into their limits by putting a technological hammer on their head lol

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