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Your Child's Mental Health

It is often easier recognizing the physical needs of a child when it comes to the trying to provide adequately for nutritious food, water, warmth and so on. When it comes to the mental health of child, the parent may not have such as easy time at all. A child mental healthy may not be as obvious as his or her physical condition or needs, thus there parent would have to be knowledgeable on the subject on mental health development before even trying to understand the child’s progress. Get all the info you need here.

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eBook Your Child's Mental Health my social lens

ebook Discipline Dynamics

Discipline Dynamics

Everyone needs to have some form of discipline embedded into their lives to create a smoothness that will help the person function in an acceptable manner. Most of these discipline elements are adopted from a very young age and usually initiated by the parents of the child. In order to teach the child how to eventually simulate into society and be manageable, these discipline measures are necessary. Our ebook helps young parents in order to understand all the necessary guidelines & information they need.

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ebook Development Dilemma my social lens

Development Dilemma

Ideally all parents should have an idea of what to expect at various development stages their child is going to experience. Through the knowledge gained on child development, the parent will be able to help the child when things are not going as well the parent to pull back if they are expecting too much from the child at any given stage.Armed with this knowledge, the parent will be better prepared to ensure this development is experiences with the least possible problems as possible. Get all the information you need to know here

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eBook Development Dilemma my socisl lens


eBook Nutrition for Kids my social lens

Nutrition for Kids

We should ensure the meals a child consumes us as balanced as possible. With balanced meals, the child will be able to have all the necessary nutrition needed for optimum and normal growth patterns both mentally and physically. Children today are more likely to consume foods that are delicious rather than nutritious, and most foods that come under the delicious category are usually either highly sweetened or salted, either way the delicious choice is not good for the child at all. Get all the info you need here

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eBook nutrition for kids my social lens

eBook Understanding Daycare my social lens

Understanding Daycare Inside out

A daycare facility is established essentially to provide a caring environment for children while their parents or guardians are away at work or for some reason cannot take care of them full- time, but are open to leaving them with qualified staff and helpers for a certain period every day where they are confident the child will be safe and happy. However, this is only the very basic outline of what a daycare should provide children: with state licensing & staff training is now mandatory to operate daycare facility.

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eBook Understanding Daycare Inside Out my socisl lens

eBook How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Health my social lens

How to Take Care of Baby’s Health

One of the most difficult things for new parents to deal with is a newborn’s sleeping habits. Most of us are familiar with the circles around the eyes of new parents and their complaints about lack of sleep. Here are tips of  baby sleep, feed, hygiene, bathing, keeping baby dry, to do & what not to do in day/night times and many other tips, which will hopefully help both your newborn – and you – to get a solid health development before even trying to understand the child’s progress. Get all the info you need here.

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eBook How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Health my socisl lens

eBooks Health & Fitness

eBooks The Green Shopper my social lens

The Green Shopper

Organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from animals that are afforded no antibiotics or growth hormones. A lot of individuals think that genetic engineering is unsafe, unpredictable, and may reduce the nutritional value of food. A lot of shoppers only seem to have an abstract understanding of the advantages of organic foods and products on the environment and their wellness. Get all the info you need here. 

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eBook Development Dilemma my socisl lens