HEALTHY HABITS: 8 Basic Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Good daily healthy habits can make such a big difference to your overall health and your life. Today we are going to share daily life changing habits in many different ways. we’re going to talk about daily habits that will surely make a really big difference in your life in different areas such as physical health, emotional health and mental health. Before we dive in you should know a few things.

Healthy Habits For Life

1 Hydrate Your Body

The first thing is these healthy habits have been the result of gradual habit forming over the years it’s not something that happens overnight. It is difficult to form habits and it does take time. The second thing – although these habits are daily habits don’t put pressure on yourself to do them every day especially when things get too busy or things are too overwhelming. Sometimes things slide a little and that’s okay.

When you’re making lifestyle changes it’s not about perfection it’s about doing what you can and generally you should try to do these habits at least three to five times a week. In the times that if you’re really stressed out these will help you stay on track and they do help reduce stress. Anyway enough with the introduction let’s get into the habits. The first daily habit is that you drink a glass of water as soon as you get up in order to hydrate from the start of your day.

You will find that this has made a big difference to the energy levels in the morning. This is a great tip as when we’re sleeping we’re not taking in any water and when we wake up we are dehydrated and when we’re dehydrated our fatigue levels go up. So a good thing to do is start your morning by getting enough hydration.

Healthy habits hydrate your body my social lens
Healthy habits hydrate your body

If you feel like it, add some lemon to it but only if you want to and the water is usually at room temperature but if you like warm water that can work too. It really is about personal preference but drinking some water in the morning is the important thing here.

2. Meditation

The second tip is to meditate for 10 minutes daily healthy habits. Meditation is very good for your mental and physical health. It has science backing it up. It reduces anxiety, helps you improve your immune function, it can help reduce pain. The biggest change is mental clarity and you will surely feel much more calm if you’re a naturally calm person. It takes time but defiantly worth trying out. Now if you’re a beginner, meditation can seem very daunting and we have two tips to provide. The first one is try to just be very open about meditation in the beginning. The first 10 to 15 sessions for will be very difficult. You won’t understand what you’re doing and will feel overwhelmed.

You might have second thoughts about your technique but trust your gut you’re on the right track. It’ll take time to show its effects, so be patient and give it time. The second thing is if you are starting out try guided meditation versus meditation where you’re just doing it on your own. Guided meditation can really help you stay on track and can really guide you throughout the process. There are a ton of app you can find so start with what suits you.

3. Exercise

Exercises are  must for daily healthy habits, go for a brisk walk outdoors every day. Now we know that for most European countries it does not happen year-round! It doesn’t happen in the winter but for the rest of the year, do try to get outside because you’ll find it to be such a mood booster Get some fresh air, sunlight and to be out in the greenery and there are studies that show that Exposure to greenery is good for your health, the brisk walk is not just a mood booster it’s also the way to exercise.

Now if you’re not a gym person this is an amazing way to get yourself to work out without some extra effort. Everyone loves to walk. The World Health Organization recommends that we get about 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity week or 75 minutes of cardiovascular activity a walk can count if your heart rate is high enough so when I’m walking you can test your heart rate using certain apps.

Healthy habits meditation and exercise my social lens
Meditation and exercise to be included in your daily healthy habits routine

Great for cardiovascular activity if you’re doing a brisk walk or if you’re jogging or running but a well-rounded exercise regimen should include more than just cardio you can include some weight training and yoga.

4. Eating Healthy

With working out you also have to eat healthy in your daily healthy habits routine. Whatever you eat has a huge impact on your physical as well as mental health so be mindful of what you put in your body. Most importantly you have to eat your greens. We understand its sounds boring for most people but these are nutrient dense foods and good to get some greens on a daily basis especially a variety of greens you are getting a variety of vitamins and minerals if you’re beginner the easiest way to add greens to your diet is by smoothies. I find that that was the best gateway to get into the habit of eating greens.

Next habit is to eat at least two to three servings of brightly colored fruits and veggies every day You may have heard of the term “eat rainbow” eating  rainbow basically means eating fruits and veggies from different colors but different colors mean they have different phytochemicals which mean they have different health properties some phytochemicals can help with cancer prevention.

Some can help with metabolism there’s different reasons to have those phytochemicals and it’s a good idea to get a variety so do try to cut at least two to three servings of fruits and veggies from those different groups.

5. Relaxing Music

Listen to relaxing music should include in your daily healthy habits, every evening as a way to wind down so music has many different health benefits the science is still emerging but what we have found out that natural. Sound such as rain pouring and relaxing music can help reduce stress it can help reduce the stress hormone called cortisol. The very relaxing flutes, some nature sounds rustling with leaves things like that a waterfall those are all really nice to listen to at the end of the day as a way to wind down and just relax.

6. Reading

Next habit is that you should try to read or learn something new every day. Firstly it is very interesting to know about new stuff. You can start a novel if you love reading. Sci-fi, mystery there’s so much to explore. Scientifically, when we age there is that natural decline in our memories it happens but mental stimulation can slow down that decline so reading will help you learn new things and enhance your knowledge. If you’re not into reading learning a new language can work or you can watch something daily like short snippets on Ted Ed to learn something new it’s all about keeping your brain engaged and stimulated.

7. Quality Time With Loved Ones

Healthy habits must include  spending quality time with loved ones every day and we want to emphasize on the word “quality” time because a lot of us end up spending time with our loved ones but we’re on our phones and we’re not properly engaged with them they’re no really talking to them it’s not good communication and this happens to everybody it’s just the digital age that we live in but we can set some boundaries.

Healthy habits quality time with your loved ones my social lens
Healthy habits, quality time with your loved ones

You can also get a pet if or if you have on give them you’re time and attention. It has been proven that cuddling a pet or a human can help you release oxytocin which is known as the cuddle hormone or the love hormone and it can help reduce stress.

8. Avoid Using Phone

This last one is something we have to endorse a lot. Everyone needs to get rid of their phones before bed. Avoid phones one hour before bed as phones emit blue light which makes the brain think its not time to sleep so it won’t produce melatonin very well and it becomes harder to sleep. So what you can do is Switch off your phone one hour before going to sleep this will defiantly help if you have trouble sleeping.

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