21st Century Increasing Pollution pushes humanity to Suffer Smog?

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A Glimpse Of Pollution & Smog Beijing City Of China
A thick load of Smog covers the city


Technology Contribution To Pollution

We have been given this world clean pollution free and look what we have done to it. Today noise pollution, water pollution air pollution smog you just name it and its there. As we are moving to technological development we are leaving the traces of destruction to follow us, so far all the development which bring ease to our lives has its own negative impacts for example invention of AC, Engine and mode of Communication bought ease and comfort to our in and out of home living but along side create adverse effects on our environment and all sorts of pollution, which will ultimately lead us to our health medical issues,

Smog A Serious Threat of 21st Century

Smog is the 21st century’s gift to the world and its main cause is pollution. Now, what is smog u may ask? Smog is a mixture of fog and smoke which is released by many factories, warehouses and also vehicles that we luxuriously drive. Whereas, pollution is the introduction of harmful and toxic substances in our surroundings. Pollution has always been a problem but with the increase in technological advancement and loss of natural habitat, it is reaching the skies. Many different factors and types of pollution’s contribute to this. Now let’s look at the main causes of pollution.

The 21st century is an era of industrialization but as we all know everything comes at a cost. Factories and warehouses that provide us with goods and another handful of materials are playing a major role in both air and water pollution. These Factories are releasing their waste products such as toxic chemicals into the rivers, and into the air through the chimneys. These interfere in the water cycle and can cause acid rain and also are a factor that causes smog. Human lifestyle has changed over the past 2 to 3 decades, this lifestyle has made nature prone to damage and destruction.

Industrialization Causes Air & Water Pollution

Another reason we may seriously need to address is the ruthlessness towards cutting trees and converting our land in to a concrete jungle. As the human number  increases, our cities became smaller and requirements for accommodating growing numbers became a challenge which leads us to expansion on a fast track and massive scale. People for near by small town and villages force to move on to the bigger cities as there are more opportunities for job market, business growth and expansion, health care, education legal and general issues.

pollution and smog
Must address the matter globally

To accommodate the growing population rain forests are being cut down to construct suburbs and cities. Natural habitat is being disturbed due to this, less tress means less oxygen released in the environment and more carbon dioxide is present as there are no plans to take it. Houses and vehicles have air conditioning installed in them which release CFCs and free radicals that bind with the air components to causes acid rain, lightening, and smog. Vehicles also release carbon monoxide gas, which also contributes to acid rain and smog.

Smoking and the use of tobacco such as sheesha and vaping is very common nowadays and we are all aware of the harms it does to the surroundings as well as our bodies.

With the increases in population, there is an increase in junkyards because the trash has to go somewhere either the land or the water in both cases its harming either the humans, animals or marine life. Waste products such as plastic bags and wrappers are burned which causes smoke and release of harmful chemicals that can suffocate people. When harmful chemicals are released they either cause smog or acid rain.

Smog Effects On Health Of Living Beings

Both of which are equally destructive. People may suffer from lung cancer. Having difficulty breathing, asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. Besides breathing difficulties, there can be skin problems like cancer, rashes or inflammation.

At the end of the day no matter how much we tend to make ourselves comfortable, the problems that we get are the making of our own negligence as no body has stopped us from planting trees but the fact of the matter is that we are so busy in the race of money making that we don’t don’t own these issues as a matter of priority and on the other we never forget to complain. We have made a simple justification in our mind that its Government duty to deal with it.

Top 10 Most Polluted Cities Of The World



  • Six of the world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India.
  • New Delhi has the worst air pollution of any capital city.
  • Air pollution kills 1.25 million people in India every year.
Pollution and smog
Most Polluted cities of the world.

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