Junk Food & New Generation | A Slow Poison much grown In Last 20 Years

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There is no denying the fact that junk food has turned the tables in the food industry. There has been an increase in the demand for junk food in all its different forms over the past 20 years.

junk food & new generation
Sweets and candies



Now, what is junk food you may ask? Well, it’s anything that is high in calories, sugar or salt content and it doesn’t provide you with the proper nutritional value such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and dietary fibers.

Candies, chocolates, crisps, pizza, burgers, doughnuts, carbonated drinks are all forms of junk food

junk food & new generation
Pizza another form of junk food


One reason is that the food industry spends large amounts of money in advertisement; this helps them to create exceptionally delicious and irresistible ads which lead to more consumer demand.

Secondly, the consumers are mostly children and teens who have little or no knowledge of healthy eating and they grow up to be more indulging in such treats.

Another reason why junk food is popular is that it is not as costly as compared to healthy food. It takes less time in making and can be consumed on the go. Most of all, it’s delicious. We tend to treat ourselves with these snacks, filling in that inner satisfaction.

junk food & new generation
Chocolates famous among people of all ages.

Junk food has grown because it is easily available to everyone. From grocery stores, fast food chains to cafes and restaurants. There is a wide variety to choose from. This creates more chances of consumers being indulged in it. We have also seen that cafes and restaurants use their aesthetic, instagramable interiors to attract a consumer which leads to more publicity and with the increase in such eating points everyone tends to eat unhealthy whether they want to or not.

Now a day’s it’s preferred that family gatherings are not at home because that requires a lot of work, hours of cooking and cleaning. It’s more convenient for people to dine out, not worry about the food, its taste, the dishes, basically anything and have a good formal time.


Now let’s get back to the way I wrote “junk food a slow poison for new generations”. You see it has ruined our generations in many ways. Junk food is a slow poison that we happily give our children with our own hands thinking it’s good for them. Firstly, parents aren’t well educated as to the adverse effects junk food has. Many food and beverages that we think are healthy are actually not for example; fruit juices. There are many misconceptions about healthy and junk food and are usually misunderstood.

junk food & new generation
Hotdog Sandwich

Nutritional labels are not that easy to comprehend which further leads to lack of proper knowledge about the food being consumed. Now we all know added flavorings and preservatives are not good for us but guess what we still buy foods that have them. Reduced fat or no calories snacks its all a BIG LIE. For example; reduced fat peanut butter has more sodium content which is again harmful. Diet coke has more calories and sugar content than normal coke.

Food at the restaurants and cafes is also either high in saturated fat or sugar content and lacks protein.


As junk food is high in calories it will obviously lead to weight gain and then obesity class 1 or 2.

Type 2 Diabetes from consuming food that instantly spikes up the blood glucose level and insulin is unable to digest such large amounts.

High blood pressure and other heart diseases, with the excess use of saturated fats and high sodium foods the arteries are blocked with deposited cholesterol balls this creates high blood pressure and insufficient  blood supply. Fatty liver is also the consequence of a lot of saturated fat intake.

Dental problems, with eating candies and gums we tend to damage our tooth.

junk food & new generation
Pastries another famous article of junk food family

Acne, depression, headaches and bloating are also some effects of junk food

Now it is high time we consider the choices that we make and end the illiteracy we show towards food. 

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    Beautiful worth reading. Have to stop kids even if you have to go forceful.

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    A thought provoking really nice.

  3. Mansoor

    Junk food should be the last option if you’re dieing with hunger.

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