The list of 10 best foods to eat when you are sick

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The list of 10 best foods to eat when you are sick are you feeling sick or unwell perhaps you have caught a cold or flu infection and want to know how to fight it off fast, here are best foods to eat when you are sick, luckily there is the list of certain foods that you can eat which will help to not only ease your symptoms but also speed up the healing process.

Best foods To Eat When You Are Sick For speedy Recovery

  1. Garlic

Garlic contains a natural ingredient called allicin which is antiviral antibacterial and anti fungal consume 1 to 2 cloves of garlic per day to help your immune system fight off infectious microbes in your body so that you can heal faster.

  1. Chicken Broth

Recommend making a chicken soup with boiled chicken bones vegetables garlic and onion this is a fantastic source of vitamins minerals and proteins which your body needs more of when you’re sick

best foods to eat when you are sick
  1. Bananas

if you have had diarrhea or have vomited then bananas are good to replenish your minerals these are a good source of potassium to help balance your blood pressure and slow releasing carbohydrates for energy.

  1. Ginger

Fresh ginger is a time-tested cold and flu remedy which helps to settle an upset stomach it has natural ingredients which ease nausea and help to strengthen your immune system so that your body can fight off infections simply boil a few slices of ginger with hot water for 10 minutes and drink as a herbal tea two to three times per day

5. Honey

Raw honey is ram packed full of antioxidants which speed up healing in the body consuming one tablespoon helps to kill harmful bacteria in the throat if you have a sore throat we recommend adding this to your ginger tea

  1. Shellfish

Some of the best immune boosters are oysters crab meat mussels and shrimp these shellfish are absolutely loaded with zinc the key mineral which rapidly speeds up the immune system this helps to kill off harmful viruses in particular and helps to repair the body’s tissues

best foods to eat when you are sick
List of best foods to eat when you are sick
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this three times per day this drink helps to boost lymphatic drainage and help to reduce swollen glands for faster healing this is one of the most effective remedies for shortening the duration of a cold

  1. Cod liver

Oil this is an age-old remedy used in Europe as a traditional medicine a good quality virgin cod liver oil is loaded with vitamin d the vitamin that controls and modulates your immunity one teaspoon per day is very effective.

  1. Lemon

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is amazing for removing phlegm and mucus in the throat add this to a glass of cold water and sit through the day the vitamin c and citric acid helps you to breathe easier and ease a sore throat you can also add honey to this

  1. Sauerkraut

Last but not least sauerkraut is one of the richest sources of vitamin c in the world for helping to kick a cold or infection this fermented cabbage is loaded with friendly bacteria and vitamin c to quickly bring back balance to your system as you can see there are some Β best foods that you can eat when you are sick.


best foods to eat when you are sick

To help make you feel better and speed up recovery time be sure to cut out sugary foods and grains when you’re poorly because these tend to feed harmful

pathogens and weaken your body you want to consume lots of lightly cooked vegetables and leafy greens like cauliflower broccoli and kale to boost your minerals and nutrients to fight off the infection try adding your vegetables to a healthy chicken broth with some meat bones and fresh herbs simmered for a few hours this is easy to digest and will provide amino acids minerals and vitamins to speed up your recovery.

By consuming some of these foods you can at least half the life cycle of a cold or flu infection from a couple of weeks to less than three to seven days if you feel well enough to go outside try to get a little sunshine and wrap up warm if it’s cold out 20 minutes of sunshine on the skin helps your body to produce more vitamin d which rapidly boosts your immune system

On a final note I hope you like or list of best foods to eat when you are sick further more if you wish to take something a little stronger consume two to three drops of wild oregano oil in a glass of water three times per day this is one of the most effective natural remedies in the world for fighting off any type of infection.

I wish you great health wealth and happiness

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