Keep Kidney Disease Free List Of 14 Super Foods

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Hey there visitors! Welcome back to my social lens. Did you know that chronic kidney disease affects over 37 million people in the US and 90% don’t even know about it?

Keeping them healthy should be your priority; after all they are responsible for flushing out the toxins. If you are dealing with kidney issues or just looking to choose a healthier lifestyle then a healthy nutritious diet is important. Kidney disease friendly foods that are high in antioxidant content are packed with omega 3 fatty acids and contain other essential vitamins.

These ‘super foods’ provide nutrients the body cannot produce naturally. A diet apt for this organ contains less salt in foods, no processed foods and cutting back on sugar.

Blue berry?



All this and lots more! Stay tuned to learn all about foods that will….!

keep kidney disease free


Apples are high in fiber and contain anti – inflammatory properties which makes it an ideal fruit to have every day. They are also an amazing source of a compound called pectin, which is a special kind of soluble fiber. This helps maintain blood glucose level while lowering cholesterol. Don’t make the common mistake of peeling out the apple before eating. The most important and essential sources of fiber and nutrients are contained in the peel.

Packed with loads of vitamins and antioxidants they are an amazing healthy tasty treat. For kidneys disease perventions always make sure to have at least a medium sized apple every day.

What’s one fruit that you never get tired of?

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Blueberries are delicious, tangy tasty berries which are not only good for your kidneys but work like a charm for the rest of your body as well. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients just one cup contains a good amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorus. This is perfect for a kidney disease friendly diet and also reduces the risk of developing heart problems.

Fresh berries from your local farmer’s market also protects brain health and even fights off diabetes. Putting them in a smoothie or having it as a part of the healthy breakfast meal also protects the body from cell damage.


Cranberries are a fall weather treat. These tangy, tart and delicious red fruits have benefits that not just protects kidneys disease but also stops the development of any ulcers in the urinary tract system. Just one serving is packed with Vitamin C, minimal sodium and fiber among a host of other natural goodness.

Spruce up your salad by adding a handful of them in the form of dried or fresh and reduce the risk of developing kidney infection. Although small in size its benefits are massive. It improves overall health, wards off infection and boosts immunity. Remember, eating fresh cranberries is far better than drinking cranberry juice.


We are all well aware about the benefits of eating green vegetables ever since we were kids. Contrary to popular belief, spinach is a leafy green that is one of the most nutritious vegetables to give to people dealing with kidney disease. In order to keep the kidney disease free / healthy, limiting protein intake and increasing a balanced diet with spinach and whole grains is important.

It also contains folate, magnesium and potassium, some of the most important compounds not only for the kidney but also for overall health. Simply swapping lettuce with raw or steamed spinach is the perfect way of including it in your diet.

High fatty Fish

Omega 3 fatty acids are one essential nutrient the body cannot naturally produce. Fish is one of the best sources for this essential compound. They have several functions including protecting the kidney disease, controlling blood clotting and building cell membranes in the brain. Some good options of fish to choose from include sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna and herring. Out of all this, salmon is the ‘go to’ source for the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid content. Other than kidneys disease, eating fish regularly protects the body against possible development of certain autoimmune diseases and even depression and anxiety. 

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Strawberries are rich in compounds that benefit against kidney disease. Packed with antioxidants, potassium, phosphorus, and with almost zero sodium content, strawberries are also known for protecting heart health and fighting inflammation. They are also the powerhouse for vitamins and fiber as well. Their blush red color is because of particular natural plant compounds called anthocyanin’s which is an extremely powerful antioxidant and aids in the proper functioning of the kidneys disease prevention.

Being a great source of vitamin C they stop the body from oxidizing cells and causing damage.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is the healthier alternative to the regular white potato. The slow breaking down of its fiber makes it an ideal food for people suffering from diabetes. It also contains potassium, vitamins, and minerals that balance out the sodium levels. This ensures that the kidneys are protected. Due to the high potassium content, it should be taken with care if you have long term chronic kidney disease. These ‘super spuds’ are packed with beta carotene and are an amazing source of vitamin B 6, which maintains blood pressure. Mash it up or have it as baked French fries, sweet potatoes are a good choice!

Egg Whites

Eggs are inexpensive, easily available and have high protein content. But why just the egg whites? Egg  yolks contain highly concentrated phosphorus and cholesterol content which makes it a ‘no go’ for a kidney diet. Egg whites are a great option to eat for people undergoing dialysis, who need to keep their phosphorus under control while also providing them with the right amount of protein. The bioactive compounds present in egg whites aids in the proper functioning of the heart lowers the risk of developing any cardiovascular diseases and even break down free radicals.

Did you know that egg whites work like a charm for skin health?

Check out these amazing skin benefits of applying egg whites on your face! Now back to superfoods that are good for kidney health.


Vitamin D is one of the most vital compounds for the proper functioning against kidney disease. Mushrooms are a deliciously excellent source for Vitamin D. Less vitamin D levels is one of the main reasons behind the development of kidney disease. They are also packed with vitamins B and D, responsible for regulating kidney function. Portobello, enoki, shiitake or white button, no matter which one you choose, all of them are healthy.

They also play a vital role in boosting immune health and preventing any harm caused to the cells and tissues. Along with a balanced diet be sure to get regular ample exercise and avoid stress.


Cauliflower falls under the category of cruciferous vegetables that includes other vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale, and Brussel sprouts. Falling more on the alkaline end of the food chart, it makes your diet less acidic in nature which minimizes the pressure on kidneys. This power food is also loaded with vitamins A and C along with calcium. Normally an underrated vegetable, it is packed with folate, antioxidants, and beta carotene. Did you know these essential minerals also have the capacity to lower the risk of developing some cancers?

The antioxidants present in such vegetables also protect the prostate and bladder along with kidney disease.

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Egg whites help reducing kidney disease


Garlic is an excellent choice of topping for people having kidney issues. We all know that a high sodium diet can wreak havoc in the kidneys disease. Garlic helps in compensating for the salty taste in foods and prevents you from adding more salt. Other than this, it offers a range of health benefits. This ancient herb is low in cholesterol and is also said to lower the chances of developing stomach ulcers. Did you know that high blood pressure can cause kidney disease?

Garlic has diuretic properties that retain water from the blood resulting in lowering of blood pressure.


Just like cauliflower and broccoli, cabbage is also a cruciferous vegetable which is packed with phytochemicals. Free radicals cause cell damage resulting in visible signs of aging and fine lines. Chemical compounds in them can get rid of these free radicals leaving your skin looking bright and clear. The presence of high vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber along with vitamin B6 and folic acid makes it an ideal food choice for a kidney friendly diet. Just 70 grams of shredded cabbage contains enough healthy goodness to keep the digestive system functioning smoothly.


Reducing salt from diet can be difficult but onions can make the transition easier and healthier. This sodium free vegetable which adds a ton of flavor to any dish, is high in various vitamins, manganese and prebiotic fibers. All these components are vital for maintaining good bacteria in the gut. It is also a good  choice for people who have their creatinine levels increased which causes a decrease in kidney disease.

Certain elements found in them enable the lowering and maintaining of good blood pressure levels. Free radicals cause kidney damage and onions stop this while detoxifying simultaneously. This also means that if you are recovering from a kidney disease then onions should definitely be in your diet.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a miracle oil. From making hair thicker and skin healthier, it also plays a major role in keeping the kidneys healthy. Using it to cook food reduces the risk of developing any chronic kidney disease. This is because 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains less than 1 mg of sodium and loads of essential nutrients and antioxidants. This diet is the perfect way of ensuring that our kidneys remain healthy.

Packed with monounsaturated fats, it not just elevates your food’s overall taste, but it is also a great way of keeping your kidneys in check. Healthy kidneys equal a healthy and happier life. Maintaining kidney health is important for your overall well being. Apart from taking care of your diet, regular exercise and a stress free, mindful lifestyle is also important.

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