Migraine Headaches The 5 Most Common Causes & Best Possiable Solutions

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Migraine headaches can be extremely painful and may make you feel nauseous and sensitive to light. If you suffer from these on a regular basis, then you have an underlying problem that is causing the throbbing pain in your head.

Most Common Causes of Migraine Headaches

In today’s feature we will explore the 5 common causes of migraines headaches and share some simple solutions.

Cause 1: Low Sodium

People who suffer with migraines often have a genetic mutation in their cells, which causes a problem with the sodium/potassium balance. This can cause excited nerves in the brain, triggering painful migraine headaches and you may see flashing lights and shapes.


Consume more pink Himalayan salt on a daily basis. Add 1/8th teaspoon to a glass of water and drink this a few times per day to raise your sodium levels. Alternatively you can juice 5 sticks of celery and drink this daily to raise your sodium.

Cause 2: Gallbladder Irritation

The second most common cause of migraines is irritation in the gallbladder. This comes from eating too many grains and refined foods. There Is a nerve pathway called the phrenic nerve which refers pain from the gallbladder to the head, leading to painful headaches.


Clean up the diet using intermittent fasting and take an Ox Bile supplement before each meal. Ox bile supports your gallbladder in breaking down fatty foods and can reduce inflammation in the bile ducts.

Most Common Causes of Migraine Headaches by my social lens
Most Common Causes of Migraine Headaches

Cause 3: Menstrual Cycle

If you are a woman and suffer with migraines during you cycle then you may have too much estrogen in your body. This hormonal imbalance depletes your vitamin C, magnesium and sodium.


Take a daily supplement of DIM to help balance estrogen levels. Consume more salt during your period to help restore any lost sodium. Also eat 5 almonds per day and 1 whole bell pepper to load up on magnesium and Vitamin C.

Cause 4: Sinus Congestion

Many people have sinus congestion, such as build-up of mucus and pressure around the nose, eyes, and head. This is caused by a viral/fungal infection and can lead to pressure that triggers an intense migraine headaches attack.


Consume garlic oil and oregano oil on a daily basis. You can take this in small pearl capsules. This helps to fight off any fungal infections in the sinus passages. You should also take a daily supplement of chelated zinc and Vitamin D3 to fight off viral infections of the sinus (rhinovirus) you can also use a neti pot to rinse the sinus

intense migraine headaches attack by my social lens
intense migraine headaches attack

Cause 5: Caffeine

Last but not least, caffeine is actually one of the more common causes of migraine attacks. Consuming too much coffee, tea, soda drinks and painkillers can overload your body with caffeine. Caffeine makes the blood vessels narrower leaving less room for blood flow in the brain by up to 27%.


Cut caffeine out of the diet and switch to decaffeinated drinks. You will experience withdrawal symptoms. However, after 2 weeks you may notice less frequent headaches or migraine attacks. Less Common Causes Many people worry about having a brain tumor,  however this is extremely rare and one of the most uncommon causes of migraine or headaches. Some other uncommon causes of migraines include a pinched nerve in the neck, pain from an old head injury, a food allergy, pollen allergy, stress or low blood sugars.

As you can see migraines are caused by underlying issues which can be fixed, healed and dealt with using natural remedies and techniques. We also recommend taking magnesium citrate on a daily basis. This helps with a great deal of problems related to the muscles. And also is effective at reducing anxiety and stress.

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